Wells: A Gold Award winning farmers’ market

In 2014 the farmers’ market in Wells won the Gold Award in The Taste of the West Hospitality and Retail Awards as well as the best farmers’ market in south west England.


The hustle and bustle of a farmers’ market has a certain vibe which makes it unique. Hawkers calling … loud voices … people rushing from one stall to another … the smell of fresh produce … vibrant colours!  It’s so alive!

I love browsing through the food stalls … even if I’m not buying anything! With this in mind, I set out to have a wander around and find out more about the farmers’ market in Wells.

Where is it?

As you get to the high street, you come across a flea market with stalls selling the typical bric-a-brac, antiques and other collectables.  Turn right at the top end of the road and there you find the farmers’ market.

It’s “an extension” of the flea market; located right outside the walls of the Bishop’s Palace and opposite the Local Council’s office.

What can you buy?

The farmers’ market is made up of seventeen stalls offering a wide variety of good quality food from meat to fish, to cheese, fruit and veg, cakes, homemade jams and chutneys, lemonade and much more.

The products sold at the market have one thing in common. They’re all sourced or produced in Somerset, by members of the local community.

As with many farmers’ markets, the main objective behind the market is to provide a platform for producers and customers to meet. Farmers’ markets provide an excellent opportunity for farmers to sell their produce directly to the consumer, making high quality food more affordable.

The farmers’ market in Wells is held between 9am to 2.30pm on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Next week … a visit to a farm shop.

My thanks go to:

Somerset Farmers’ Markets




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