How fast can you lose excess weight?

Ideally you lose weight at a rate of 0.45 to 0.90 kilos per week.  You got it – just under a kilo per week.  If you lose weight at a faster rate, you risk losing fat as well as muscle and your energy levels suffer.  As a result you cannot increase your activity level or your exercise intensity.


When you lose weight fast, you will gain it back even faster.  Find out why …

What happens when you lose weight fast?

On a diet of less than 1050-2000 calories per day

  • your body will burn fat as well as muscle
  • your metabolism slows down
  • your energy levels drop
  • you  feel deprived from a number of foods
  • your diet is not sustainable.


Eliminating certain foods may fast-track your weight loss, for a while.  But can you live without these foods for the rest of your life?  Or will you live your life on a yo-yo diet?

You will not manage to keep up a low-calorie diet for a long time.  And when you go back to your regular calorie intake, you will gain even more weight because your body gets used to functioning on a slow metabolic rate.

Low-calorie diets, crash diets and similar diets are counter-productive.

How can you lose weight and keep it off?

The only way you can lose weight and keep it off is by making small changes towards a healthy lifestyle.  A healthy lifestyle remains with you – you do not “come off” it, as you would a diet – it grows on you and becomes a part of who you are.

Go for it – small changes are achievable and they result in big changes which you will be able to keep up.

10 small changes that will improve your lifestyle

  • avoid crash diets
  • do not skip breakfast
  • drink plenty of water
  • snack on fresh fruit and nuts
  • too many low-fat or low-calorie foods add up
  • grill or steam your food – do not fry it
  • do not sip your calories
  • avoid fast foods
  • set yourself realistic goals
  • increase your activity level / exercise.

How long has it taken for you to pile on your excess weight?  I promise it will take you less to lose it, but do not expect it to disappear in a month.

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