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I transferred the content and followers of the group Colette’s Kitchen to my FB page Cooking with Colette.

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Have you stumbled upon Colette’s Kitchen on Facebook? I chose to go for a closed group  to build a community of like-minded people.  If you’re not interested in home cooking and good food, you’re free to opt out. But if you’re interested, I share no fuss recipes which are easy to follow through step-by-step photos.  I also make it a point to vary my recipes to give you ideas what you can cook at home.

When I go out for a meal, I share my choices to give you options you may wish to consider yourself.

Eating “healthy” does not mean living on a permanent diet.  If you’re a food lover, like I am, feeling deprived from various foods would be very depressing.  I love dining out.  The secret or challenge (depends which way you look at it) is to make the right choices.  It is true to say, it will be difficult to manage your weight if you eat out every day.  However, if you balance things out, you will manage to enjoy good food and a trim waisteline.

Here are some of the food ideas I prepared and shared on Colette’s Kitchen, over the past days.

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In reply to requests received on FB, I shared the recipes for the Vegetable Curry and the Overnight Oats.

If you would like any of these recipes, drop me a line and I’d be happy to share.

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