A Life-Changing Experience

Web Writing – A Life-Changing Experience

“Write to be found!”

That was the first statement that stuck in my head – “write to be found” – it never occurred to me before.  Now I know, if my writing is not found on the web, I’m dead!

  • Keep writing simple and to the point.
  • Write scannable copy – people do not read the same way as they do books.
  • Do not use long sentences.
  • Do not use “big” words.
  • One thought per paragraph.
  • Put yourself in your readers’ shoes and use words they’re searching for.

I discovered writing techniques which are so different from print copywriting. What works in print does not work online – copy has to be re-purposed for online publishing.

Along with the new techniques came the terminology – keywords, SEO, anchor text, links etc. – I find myself speaking a different language.  It grew on me and I’m comfortable with it.


I struggle with the “relaxed” tone of voice sometimes, but the more blogs I read and write, the easier it gets.  It’s addictive.  The first thing I do each morning (after feeding my cat) is scan my social media accounts.  Weird!

I’m not a techy; setting up a blog was not on the agenda. I remember getting panicky when I was asked to create a blog and publish it. As I was with putting my first press release online and publishing my first bits of creative writing.

Writing for the web opened a whole new world for me.  I would like to bring my passion for food and love for writing together and write for food ezines.  I may not be there yet, but I’m closer than I was yesterday!

I knew I would learn different writing techniques but actually seeing my work online is a cultural shock.

Thanks for throwing me in at the deep end, Karen Lotter.