About me


I would like to let you in on a little story of how my blog came to be.

DSCF2995In 2014, my boss asked me to go for a web writing course so I could take on new responsibilities.  I started the ball rolling but never got my teeth into it, then earlier on in 2016, I promised myself I was going to do this. My course work called for a blog / website in order to practice.  I’m not technologically inclined, but decided I was going to try.


Why a healthy food blog?

Earlier on this year, I was having a chat with one of my colleagues and he asked what I was going to write about.  “… not sure,” I said.  I work in the financial sector; not the most inspiring of topics to write about!  My colleague, who knows me from over five years, suggested I talk about ‘healthy food’.  “It’s a subject you know and you love,” he said.

DSCF2985On 7th March 2016, Colette’s food blog ‘was born’.  I chose the simplest blog theme I could find and attempted to put some words together.  It’s challenging; but the good thing about it is that it brings together things I love – reading, writing, food, cooking – all rolled into an experience which I’d like to share with you.

DSCF2989There are many good blogs out there, but my intention here is to bring together a small community of lovely people who are truly interested in increasing their knowledge base about food and kitchen-how.  It’s a learning curve for all of us.  I increase my knowledge with your  valued comments and suggestions, as well as by reading and writing about the various topics.

So dip in and interact with your views; I’d love to hear from you.


Humble beginnings

GrandadMy maternal grandfather was a cook in the British Merchant Navy.  He joined the Navy at the age of 13, just before the first World War and served all through both World War I and II.

At home, my mother’s kitchen was a hub of activity.  She cooked from scratch every day; excelling in Maltese cuisine and baking.

I guess my love for cooking is in my genes; I was immersed from a very young age.  I remember, we also had some form of cookery classes at school , but it wasn’t a core subject.

In my early teens, my mother was unwell and I helped with preparing the family meals. I guess it all adds up – bit by bit.


My favourite chef

My chef mentor is Jamie Oliver.  I take an interest in various chefs, but Jamie is truly a people’s person.  I admire his font of knowledge, his down-to-earth approach and his tutorial videos are inspirational.


Recipe book collection

recipe book collectionAt the age of 16-17, I started my recipe book collection, with the Good Cooking encyclopedia. ‘Reading’ recipes and kitchen know-how is a hobby.  I learnt how to cook hands-on; never received formal training (unfortunately) or worked in the catering industry.  When I baked cakes for my kids, friends and family suggested I start selling cakes. But I always wanted to cook for leisure.  It gives me great pleasure to walk into my kitchen after a long day, pour out a glass of white wine and start cooking; nothing elaborate, nothing fancy – just simple food, real every day cooking – it’s so relaxing!

When my kids were still at home I used to plan meals ahead; so much easier when you have a family to cater for.  At the weekend I would spend time looking up recipes of what to prepare for their suppers. Now I’m less adventurous but more relaxed in my approach.

I experiment with various recipes, even in my everyday cooking.  Over the past three decades I have amassed over 80 cookery books. Some of them are just for ‘reading’, but others are worn out, even stained, like my first Italian cookbook.


Simple cooking

cutting up vegOver the years, my love for cooking evolved into a passion for nutrition.  I matured and mellowed in my approach towards food and, as a consequence, have become very selective with what I eat.  My cooking has changed a lot.  I prefer keeping things simple – from earth to table – kind-of-food; wholesome, real food.  Nowadays, I hardly ever bake any pizza, bread, pasta or cakes; the only things that make it past my oven door are fish, veg, seeds and nuts.

You may think eating simple food is boring.  It’s not, believe me.  When you eat simple, real food you feel energised.  You feel good about yourself not heavy or sluggish.  At the end of the day, you are what you eat! Love yourself, respect your body by eating wholesome food. Try it …


Recipes by request

Would you like to receive recipes of your choice, direct, to your inbox? Drop me an email at colettesfoodblog@gmail.com and I will get back to you.


Your comments mean a lot to me … we learn from each other’s comments.  Caring is sharing … share your views.

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